Midsona takes responsibility through our mission to help people live a healthier life.

We develop, manufacture and launch products that inspire to a healthy lifestyle and that meet consumers' demands to be able to eat healthy and climate-conscious.

We have worked for a long time with sustainability issues and see them as a natural part of our business. In order to run a healthy and sustainable business, we are responsible for creating profitable brand-driven growth - because as Midsona grows, so does our ability to help even more people to live a healthy life.

Through Midsona's mission, it is of course also natural for us to take a broad responsibility to always run the business in a sustainable, commercial and ethical way - in terms of openness, honesty and our ability to fulfill our civil obligations - while always working to create added value for our stakeholders.

Midsona's stakeholders are employees, customers, consumers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, and not least the communities in which we operate. By collaborating with our stakeholders in different ways, we learn to understand needs and expectations and this in turn gives us a basis for a continuous improvement.

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Midsona supports and respects the international conventions regarding
human rights and it is important for us to ensure that we in no way violate
any human right.

We respect each individual’s rights and will not discriminate or commit other violations of human rights.

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We work to reduce Midsona's negative impact on the environment.

Midsona shall always consider environment, security and health when developing new products as well as when producing and transporting the products. 

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Midsona encourages fair competition and have a zero tolerance on corruption and cartel behaviour.

Each employee is encouraged to report any illegal or unethical behaviour.

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Midsona shall respect employee’s rights to be represented by trade unions
and their right to take part in collective employment agreements.

The health and safety of our employees shall always be prioritised.