Midsona's prioritized organic focus brands are Urtekram, Kung Markatta, Davert and Helios. All four were early pioneers in organic food and continuously try to find new sustainable solutions and identify trends and products that live up to Midsona's requirements

The increased offering of plant-based and healthy food

What is sometimes called lifestyle diseases are a major health challenge that Midsona wants to be involved in handling be developing and launching products that help people live a healthy life, at the same time that they do not harm the environment? It is about increasing the insight among people of the value of commitment for the origins of the raw materials, what the food contains and what a balanced diet means for the body and the environment. Our goal is to increase our offering of plant-based and/or organic food and we do so through a well-developed innovation process.


Midsona's innovation strategy is to increase the assortment of healthy products and in 2018 Midsona took several initiatives to develop and market products that make it easier for people to live healthily and are sustainable for our planet. For example, we have reduced the amount of salt and refined sugar developed healthier alternatives to some of the foods used in everyday cooking and developed more plant-based and more packaging that the consumers can recycle.

Sustainable Brand Index

Our organic brands rank high on the Sustainable Brand Index list for the second consecutive year. In Denmark, Urtekram won the prestigious food category and came second in the collective assessment. Kung Markatta ranked 12th in the category for best food companies on the corresponding list in Sweden.


Midsona wants to contribute to minimising the packaging´s impact on the environment and the world´s oceans and to increasing th edegree of recycling. 

When it is possible, recycled plastic shall always be used in our packages. 

Midsona Sverige has signed the Plastic Iniative, launched by DLF, which means that by 2022 all of the company´s plastic packages must be able to be recycled. 

A majority of Urtekram´s consumer health products are swithching to packaging materials of sugar cane in 2019 - a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic.